Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Economic Crisis

Recently my 8 year old son did some back of the envelope calculations and let me know that he's running dangerously low on cash. Which he desperately needs for a new Wii game. To make matters worse, he has absolutely no loose teeth, so he can't even count on any Tooth Fairy funding.

He has $24, and the Wii game is $50, so he needs $36 more, apparently.

I told him that he only needs $26, because of some recent changes to math laws, and this cheered him. But then we started to discuss ways that he could raise the $26.

Marinka: You could do extra chores around the house.
Young Ladrinka: Le groan! (yes, he really talks like that)
Marinka: Like what chores can you do?
Young Ladrinka: I could set the table. $5 per person.
Marinka: That's a lot of money.
Young Ladrinka: Ok.
Marinka: Not ok. What else could you do?
Young Ladrinka: I already take out the recycling.
Marinka: And you get an allowance.
Young Ladrinka: Maybe I should get more allowance.
Marinka: No.
Marinka: ...
Young Ladrinka: I could teach you piano.
Marinka: ...
Young Ladrinka: $100 for half an hour.
Marinka: $10.
Young Ladrinka: That's so cheap.
Marinka: Your sister could give me lessons for less.
Daughter: I am not interested in giving you piano lessons for any amount of money.
Young Ladrinka: HA! $100 bucks it is!
Marinka: $10.
Young Ladrinka: Treat others the way that you want to be treated.
Marinka: $10.
Young Ladrinka: Friends share and compromise.
Marinka: $10.
Young Ladrinka: $15.
Marinka: Ok, $15 for half an hour. But you have to make the lessons fun and interesting for me.
Young Ladrinka: I'll try, but it's piano.
Marinka: I know.
Young Ladrinka: We'll start tomorrow.
Marinka: Ok.

So either I am a genius or I just wrote the preface to my own eulogy.

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