Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, you patriarchs!

Please tell me at what age children generally assume full responsibility for Father's Day? Because at 9 and 6, mine are not there yet.

Well, my daughter helped me make bacon and eggs this morning, a job that every other Sunday of the year is relegated to Mr. Marinka. And she did a great job. Except for the part where she used the eggy spatula to take out the toast of the microwave oven.

And she did insist that we get him slippers for Father's Day (it was sweet of him to let us know that that's what he wanted 24 hours before the day itself, right when lightning and thunderstorms were ripping through Manhattan). I invited our son to come along and he said, "only if we get something for me, too". So he stayed home. If he doesn't want to risk life and limb to look for slippers, that's his loss, I figure. Let him suffer, safe and dry at home, playing his Nintendo DS while his sister and I are on a slipper hunt!

So we walked, soaked and ready to be stricken dead to our local stores--Dave's, Modell's, Filene's Basement, The Sports Authority, Men's Warehouse. None of them had slippers. Some had open toe slippers, so we called and said "we're out shopping for bacon and eggs for breakfast tomorrow, but we were having a theoretical discussion about footwear, in general. Do you like open toed slippers?" He said that he didn't. Obviously I have a cell phone service that doesn't have a "display teeth-on-edge" feature.

We decided on a wooden back scratcher (Bed Bath & Beyond, baby! $4.95!) and some "Father's Day Coupons". Dad gets a free hug! Dad gets a night out with the guys! You know, the stuff that you do all year long, but suddenly realize that you need a coupon!

He loved it all! He also loved when I declared, having suffered an apparent mini-stroke, that we are at his service all day long and that he's not allowed in the kitchen to do any post-breakfast clean up, cooking, anything.

So, shouldn't the kids be cleaning the kitchen now? Because I'm slaving away in there and they're watching "Sponge Bob". Although, fortunately, not my favorite episode.

Happy Father's Day!


Blogger Daisy said...

coupons like this are fun. I never seem to redeem them; I usually just keep them for the smile value. That is, when I get them for Mother's Day.

June 15, 2008 at 7:55 PM  

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